Annual Board Meeting

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The yearly HOA meeting was held on Feb. 24, 2016.  Board Members present were Pam Murray, Phil Fryer, Reed Barlow, Ray Ogden, Lora Evanouski and Norma Mares.

Pam Murray gave opening welcome with a brief overview of prior year’s events.  Pet signs will be installed throughout the neighborhood reminding pet owners of their responsibilities to leash their pet as well as clean up any pet waste.  We replaced the cracked sidewalk at no cost to homeowners as well as a new transformer.

Reed Barlow gave the financial report.  He reported that as the subdivision gets older, we are going to face higher repair costs.  Our dues support all landscaping in the subdivision, repair of sprinklers, fences, tree planting/removal, and any other various subdivision issues that may arise.

Delinquent Dues – Homeowners:  We have a new policy in place from the HOA board. Homeowners who are over two months’ late paying their dues will be taken to small claims court.  At the very least, this will result in a poor credit rating and at the most, foreclosure of your home. If the dues are not paid our annual dues will need to be raised to cover your cost.  You can also pay online with Valley Property Mgmt. Co.  Go to and select pay online now.  The payment has a 3% charge due to the fees from the credit cards.

Renters: even though you do not “own” the property – you are still bound by the CCR’s and the rules in place for our subdivision.  If you need a copy of the CCR’s you can download them from the website at

Ray Ogden explained the ACC process.  If you need the documents to make repairs on your property, please visit and go to documents to download or email the subdivision at or call a board member.  We will get the documents to you!

Phil Fryer gave a short report on the cost and damage to the gazebo in the common ground.  We discussed the removal of the gazebo due to consistent damage from children in the subdivision.

Norma Mares gave the Landscape Committee Report.  We have had the trees trimmed and more trees will be replaced this year.  We will add more rock to the entrances as well as a yard of dirt for the trees to cover bare roots that show.  Our landscaper of 3 years is Chuck Schaeffer.  For questions or concerns about the subdivision landscaping, he can be reached at

Annual voting of board members took place.

2016 Board Members
President: Pam Murray Vice President: Phil Fryer
Treasurer: Reed Barlow Secretary: Lora Evanouski
Landscaping: Norma Mares ACC: Ray Ogden

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