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Envi Pest Control Company has been knocking on doors in hopes of generating business.  Sean Conner has been suggesting that the Board – Pam Murray has given the “ok” to continue this practice.  We as a united board DO NOT condone this tactic.  We have spoken to Sean asking him to cease and desist this practice.  If he approaches you at your house the board has not asked him to suggest, imply or say that we condone his methods of selling his service.

Water will be turned on April 15!

  • Remember that the irrigation water is quite dirty and you may need to clean your filter.
  • Check your sprinkler water lines for any damage the winter may have caused.

Repairs in the neighborhood:

  • Fence repair:  Because we have had problems with rocks being thrown at our common ground fences and gazebo, we needed to complete repairs.
  • Trees to be cut down:  The trees in the common areas that have died will be replaced with new species to avoid bore infestation.
  • Lights:  We needed to replace 2 photo cells, several bulbs and ballast.
  • Sidewalk:  will be repaired mid-Aug or Sept at no cost from the ACHD! (saves the subdivision $10,000)

Flowers at the entrances:

We added clay to amend the soil at both entrances to aid in growing our plants.  A hardy thank you to Chuck, Ron,  Pam, and Norma for the continued maintenance on our common grounds.  Your hard work and effort shows!  We will be adding gazinias and silver mound perennials to our entrances for the summer and beyond.  We will also be putting down weed barrier and black rock in an effort to control weeds.

Please ensure your children that await the bus are not climbing on the structures or standing on plants.  This causes damage that costs everyone in our community money.  If the children are climbing on the wall invariably the letters get torn off this cost can go from $50-$2000 depending on the damage done.  This comes out of the annual budget.


As spring has already begun, parents please remind your children to refrain from riding their bikes, digging up, hitting with rocks or bats, standing on, or using strollers in the common grounds grass areas. The damage from the wheels, bats, rocks, feet to the sprinkler heads in the common grounds can quickly drain our annual budget.  The rocks that line the common area drainage’s are in place for a reason.  If your children are being creative and moving rocks around please have them put everything back to it’s original position.  Without the rocks damage can be done to the grass of these areas.  Thank you for your help!


  • If you own a dog please use a leash… It is the law…

“No animal is permitted to roam free in Ada County. Animals must be leashed in public on a leash that’s no longer than 10 feet unless they’re in a car or under the control of a competent attendant. Animals running free are subject to impoundment.”

  • Please clean up after your pet~ It is your animal so it is your responsibility!
  • If your dog or cat is left outside please ensure that the animal does not bark, carouse, or cause damage.  It can be disturbing to listen to a dog barking or cat meowing at all hours of the day and night.
  • Please refrain from raising chickens or any kind of fowl in Wilkin’s Ranch.  According to the CCR’s for Wilkin’s Ranch chickens and fowl of any kind are prohibited.
  • For more information about animal protection/control please contact the Idaho Humane Society @ 208-343-3166.


The mosquito abatement came to our subdivision and put down mosquito killer.  They will be back in 30 days to reapply.  If you have mosquitoes in your yard, send an email to .  We will call Ada County Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement.  You can also call them at (208)577-4646 or visit the website at:

Here are some tips to prevent mosquito breeding:

  • Avoid over irrigation
  • Remove excess vegetation from ponds
  • Empty artificial containers
  • Change water in bird baths and dog bowls
  • Frequently clean roof gutters
  • Fill tree holes
  • Filter swimming pools regularly and cover

Parking on the street:

  • Please refrain as much as possible from parking on the street long term.  It makes driving difficult and creates unsafe conditions for our community.
  • When leaving on a camping trip , your trailer/camper/RV may only be parked on the street for 48 hours.
  • NO commercial trailers or trucks may be parked on the street overnight – this is a hazard to the neighborhood


  • If there is excessive moisture in your yard (area)from the sprinklers in the common area, please send an email to the website:
  • If you receive a friendly reminder on your lamp post in your front yard please replace your light.   If the light replacement does not seem to work then you may need to replace the photocell.
  • Cameras are being considered at both entrances to reduce vandalism and provide extra security for our school age children that wait for the school bus.  We are in process of getting quotes.

This is the last newsletter to be mailed. If you would like a newsletter (hardcopy) in the future…please contact a board member and we will create a copy for you.

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