Irrigation water is now on:


Annual 2024 HOA meeting:

The new HOA members were voted into office for 2024.


  • President:  Pam Murray
    Vice President:  Ray Ogden
    Treasury:  Reed Barlow
    Secretary:  Lora Evanouski
    ACC:  Matt Breiler
    Landscape Chairperson:  Norma Mares

  • Highlights from the meeting were:
    Ustick Expansion
    Improvements to our Subdivision
    Maintenance and Landscaping

Ustick Expansion

HOA dues are $300 and are due on Feb.1

If you need a new invoice or have a question, please contact Valley Property Mgmt. at 209 888 4947

What are CC&Rs?

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are rules and property limitations of our community. It is a legal document that lists all the rules and guidelines that you must agree to live by in exchange for living in Wilkins Ranch. You as an owner have signed these legal documents when you purchased your home. The goal of the CC&Rs is to protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community.

What are Common Restrictions?

  • Maintain your property. Our CC&Rs require you to mow your lawn regularly. 
  • Decorate your home. The CC&Rs dictate what color you may paint your house. Our HOA limits the homeowners’ color choices to various shades of certain colors (earth tones).
  • Park your vehicles. CC&Rs prohibit vehicle parking on the streets and limit overnight guest parking.
  • Store your garbage cans or other unsightly items. The CC&Rs require that trash containers, utility meters, and clotheslines be enclosed or appropriately hidden from view.

How do I get approval?

You can download the ACC documents from the website under the tab called CCRs and Documents. Once filled out with appropriate information you can submit electronically using, physically hand then to a board member, or send them to Valley Property Management. 

How long does approval take?

We have 5 board members; all are listed on the website in a tab called meet the board. Many of us work, we process requests as fast as possible. Valley property management can also process the approval, their number is 208-888-4947 and fax is 208-888-4976.

As we approach Spring around our community, please help keep our subdivision clean by cleaning litter as you see it.  If everyone picks up just 1 item our community will be trash free and even a better place to live.  Thank you for your help!

Parents please remind your children to refrain from hanging on the gazebo slats.  The fiberglass slats are not made of steel and will be damaged when used as a hanging device or have rocks thrown at it or even used as a kick board.  Please avoid riding bikes or using strollers in the common grounds grass areas. The damage from the wheels to the sprinkler heads in the common grounds can quickly drain our annual budget. Thank you for your help!

Pet owners remember that your pets need to be safe.  Safety for a pet means they need to be on a leash and controlled by the owner or master.  Dog waste is unsightly and carries bacteria that can cause diseases to all.  Clean up after your pet!


The current Board of Directors is actively seeking volunteers to serve in open positions. If you are interested in a position on the board, or on an active committee, please contact by email:

  • Newsletter Committee
  • ARC Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Web Site Committee
  • The Board of Directors


Below are some common compliance issues that come up all year long. By just following these simple steps you can avoid getting a letter from our management company and keep the community looking its best all year long.

Valley Property Management will now be handling all CCR issues. This means if you have a question, concern, or complaint you must call Valley Property Management (208)888-4947.

Parking of trailers, boats or campers are not permitted in street or driveway they must be behind your fence. For example, you are leaving on vacation you have 48 hours to prepare your trailer for leaving. It is not acceptable to park your trailer in front of your house for a week at a time. If you need a special extension, please contact the HOA Board. Trash Cans and recycling containers must be stored out of view unless it is the pickup day. Basketball hoops must be up and in good working condition or stored away when not in use. Landscaping always needs to be maintained in a clean and attractive condition. Your night light must be on after dark.

Planning any improvements to the exterior of your home or lot?

Any time you are planning a project that will change the look of your home or lot you must submit an ARC application for the boards review and decision. It is easy. Just visit the Wilkins Ranch Management website, click on forms and follow the instructions to submit the application. The ARC Committee has up to 30 days to review the application and deliver a decision. Below are just a few examples; if you are not sure contact us.

  • Addition
  • Painting
  • Fence
  • Roof
  • Dish Installation
  • Landscaping

If there is any information that you would like to see posted on the website, please contact us at

Our community is managed by Valley Property Management Company, P.O. Box 1090 Meridian, ID 83680, 208-888-4947.

Our Community

129 homes, subdivision since 2001

2 common areas, an elementary school, and easy access to the freeway